So … Quick recap: I decided on my plan and drew it out on graph paper (which is around somewhere … when I find it I’ll scan it and add it to the post …); I also had my six solid fabrics ready to go. The blocks went together fast. They were easy to make (just straight lines!) and what made it even easier is I just left the pattern and the fabrics with my Mom and when I went back home the next weekend ‘ta-da’ 12 quilt blocks ready to go … almost. We ended up remaking a couple (sometimes patterns don’t transfer from paper to fabric well) and then laid them all out – the circles needed to be placed. This was the slightly more tricky part – I was planning on appliquéing circle on top of the blocks to add extra interest (and I think it worked).

Now this was only arrangement one and as you can tell not all the squares had circles (this was actually the most labour intensive part of the quilt – deciding on the size and colour of the circles, cutting them out, ironing them under and sewing them down by hand).  The next week a few more circles were added:

But that’s not where the fun stopped! As you might have noticed there are purple pieces of paper pinned to the corner of the quilt blocks so that I know which goes where. However, as is always bound to happen with me where blocks are concerned I felt it necessary to try out some different block combinations. A little: “This should go here and that should go there,” and some: “But if I move that there I have to move that one too.” I think you get the idea. At some point in time you have to stop moving things (and stop asking your Mom/sister/etc for their opinion) and just go for it.

So the front of the quilt was together and looking good and I had the back fabric all ready to go (I found the most adorable flannel fabric with a light pink background with a brown spot pattern). But there was one more thing and it’s an important one: the quilting. I always enjoyed looking at the book ‘Quilting Makes the Quilt,’ I always thought it was amazing how you can use the quilting to highlight different features. And for this one, modern was the feature I wanted to highlight. So I took our giant ruler for our rotary cutter and started drawing lines on the blocks – some vertical, some horizontal, a number diagonal, and a bunch radiating outward. One of the things I really wanted to do was make it difficult for you to see where one block finished and the next started. I wanted to have the quilting blend the whole quilt together. So I ignored the blocks and drew the lines so they went through multiple areas and colours – I did it quick without thinking too much (I am sure it could turn into something equally as complicated as places blocks if you let it).  And I think it turned out fairly well!

And that was it. A little brushing away the lines I drew and binding it in the light pink (did I mention I did a slim light pink border just to hold it all together? Well I did). Ta-da, finished beautiful baby quilt:

Oh … In case you are wondering … They loved it!

Modern Babies


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That is soooooooooooooooooo adorable!!!!

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